Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Students for Liberty weekend in Austin, Texas

Jason Rink & Adrienne with her tombstone.

Pre-zombie Shane McGonigal

Zombie Andrew Kaluza
(see the worried young lady on the phone?)

Helping Skyler turn into a zombie...

...Kelly added the blood...

...add false teeth and a wig...

...and we now have Adrienne & Zombie Skyler! =)

Hurry up everyone-

(even Lincoln said that the Government can go too far.)

-we have to start the Founding Father's Zombie Crawl!

How do you like my tombstone sign?

Kaja and Shane

Thanks, Shane McGonigal for this group shot!

The after party, upstairs at Austin's Pizza.
(Austin's Pizza donated 15% of sales to the Students for Liberty group )

We are so sorry that we forgot to take any photos at the Students for Liberty Regional conference, on Saturday.

(I stole this group shot form Kelly Jemison's FB page)

Andrew Kaluza, Jeff Fraze and Debbie McKee, Texas interim coordinator for Campaign for Liberty.
And this is the photo we have from Young Americans For Liberty Campaign Boot Camp (it was all day long). We only have it because as we were going to walk out the door, Adrienne said "wait! There are NO pictures from today!" Can you tell we were tired and had a long weekend!?!
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