Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photos from the first day...

...of Occupy Dallas protest & End the Fed rally.

brief report:

Adrienne and I just got back home. We were there from a little before 9 AM (first ones there) and left about 11:15 to make the phone interview with Alex Jones in my car phone booth. I didn't do a great job, but hey, I was very hot in my closed up car and tired! We had to work our way through the marchers to get to our car. DPD said they had about 300 people, it could have been more, we were pretty crowded on the sidewalk.

The Dallas Observer interviewed me. Lots of us were out there. I met a student from TCU who is involved in YAL. Many liberty minded folks seemed to just come because they saw the Occupy Dallas website. DPD set up barricades so we were penned in. That was rather an uncomfortable feeling.

As the marchers arrived I passed out my flyers (only brought 100) and said "I'm glad you are here, we've been protesting the Fed since November 2008!"

The amount of press was unbelievable!!!

They didn't hang around on the hot sunny corner very long before they started calling for marching on Chase bank across the street! They ended up mostly up the street a little way under the trees! We ALWAYS hang out where the traffic can see us!

PLEASE COME OUT TOMORROW!!!! Alex is speaking around 5:30. He said he'd share his bullhorn, but he doesn't realize I'm not the bullhorn type!

So, I need some back up!!!!

"Our troops are cannon fodder for the Power Elite."

"Looting U.S."

There were some great signs, some thought provoking ones. Like "what's our oil doing under their sand?", "Who would Jesus Bomb?" and "we want a Revolution - of thought". Several End the Fed signs!! And a couple of Don't tread on me! flags!!

My main purpose in activism efforts is to help people see what is really going on. Whether it's political campaigns or tea parties or end the fed. It's ALL about reaching out to help wake people up. The message is sooo much more important than ANY personality or election. Some will listen and investigate, some won't. Duty is ours, results are God's. Revolution means a change in thinking and I believe we can see it coming.

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