Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Two Protest the banking system (and the wars!)

We were at the Fed from about 3:30 to 9:00 last night. We met some really great folks and had a good time visiting. I encouraged everyone I talked with to spread the message, especially to the Occupy Dallas folks, that's really what we were there to do.

A couple of OD guys came over and tried to get us to join them at Pioneer Plaza. They said there were only about 70-80 of them over there. We said come join us!! They finally did come (escorted by the police!) and stood across the street. We tried to wave them over, but they mostly stayed over there. Some of them were with us and some of us were over there. Don't listen to the media hype about this, they will marginalize us as they always do. Try to keep us from realizing how similar we are. They don't want us to join or work together!

We ended up chanting together a few times and they seemed to listen when Alex spoke directly to them (across the street with bullhorn). Many of the sign messages on either side of the street said the same thing. I suggested to them they chant "this is what America looks like" instead of using the word democracy!

All in all it was a great event. I personally didn't listen to Alex or any of the others, I just spent my time talking to the folks on the outside edges of the crowd and the ones coming and going and I passed out another 100 flyers. We had about 250-300 in attendance if you include the 50 or so across the street! I really wished I could have met and visited with everyone! And yes, I got a lot of "oh! you're Debbie McKee, I heard you on the radio yesterday! You sounded so nice, not like Alex!".

One photographer recognized Adrienne and said that a photo he took of her with her sign on Thursday went global/viral by that evening. It was put out there for news agencies, etc. to pick up and use and away it went! If anyone sees it PLEASE let us know where we can find it. Another time when we protested Bernanke's visit to Dallas a Reuters photo of her also went global. That's quite fun!

I encouraged everyone who could to go join the OD folks at Pioneer Plaza afterward to mix and mingle, spread the message. That is what is about folks!!!! If you have any free time to spend working on this, PLEASE do!!!! Find them and talk with them. Take flyers, DVDs, whatever you can.

It's about the message not the candidates, remember, the message is MOST important in the long run.

Debbie McKee
taking a well deserved break!
PS the strangest thing was that as the organizer for the usual End the Fed rallies, I always am the first to arrive and the last to leave, pick up the trash, etc. then the police leave. Well, I had to tell the detective we've worked with since 2008 that I had to leave and I'd encouraged folks to move on over to Pioneer plaza, but that was all I could do! So, there were about 40 people still there when we left and more trash than I could deal with, I did pick up some. As we walked by and said goodnight to the FED security guys, they were really friendly and nice! We also told the police thank you for their service. They were spread really thin this weekend because of the Fair, the Texas/OU game, Occupy Dallas, and us. I hope tempers don't get short from long, boring, but stressful hours. I told our detective friend that there would likely be a trickle of folks there off and on. I couldn't tell who or how many.

Occupy Dallas protesters...A man with us yelled: "Red rover, red rover, let Occupy come over!!!" =)

(Adrienne thought that this photo was interesting, so that's why it was posted...)

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reldoc said...

It was very nice to see all you patriots that love liberty last night at the federal reserve.