Saturday, June 28, 2008


A satirical poem © June 16, 2008 by G. Edward Griffin
I woke up Sunday morning (Father's Day) with a silly limerick running through my head. It was a satirical comment on how Boobus Amricanus is so willing to give up liberty in return for the false hope of security against terrorism. I couldn't get it out of my head so, after dinner, I began to play with the words and eventually produced a first draft. Because satire often communicates an idea more forcefully than dull documentation and logical argument, I am publishing it to see if it has any such utility. I hope you will find it useful with your friends who don't yet get it.


It's more than mortal man can bear.
Those terrorists are everywhere:
on land and sea and in the air.
Network TV bill of fare
daily warns us to prepare
for bugs and bombs and poison air
and other things enough to scare
the bravest man to deep despair.

They hate our freedom so we're told,
our way of life so uncontrolled,
our rich, our poor, our young, our old.
I guess their hatred just takes hold
and burrows in and makes them bold
enough to kill and spend their gold
and set in motion plans untold
to get us ALL, or so we're told.

Seems strange to me they don't resent
the other guys who represent
a way of life with free consent
or those who are benevolent.
The only ones they seem intent
to devastate to great extent
are those whose aero-planes were sent
to bomb their homes with such torment.

Never mind, the war will stay.
We're going to fight this all the way.
But there's a price we have to pay
to keep the enemy at bay.
Let our leaders take away
our lives and liberty TODAY,
and then our fears will go away
that they'll be lost some future day.

My phone is tapped. My mail is read.
They know the thoughts inside my head.
The money I deposited
is now reported to the Fed.
They chip my hand, dispense my bread.
I think they watch me go to bed.
I don't object. I'm glad instead
to be controlled until I'm dead.

And so I very happily
let them take my liberty.
No matter what they do to me,
it's all for my security.
You see, you see, you see?
I'm just as glad as I can be
to let them take my liberty.
No matter what they do to me,
it's all for my security.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

These are some of the people at the

Dr. Ron Paul Ice Cream Social and Liberty Rally!

Texas GOP Convention - Houston, Texas - June 12, 2008