Friday, August 3, 2012

Are We A Nation Of Drug Addicts?

by Sherry Jackson Peel

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When I was growing up I saw films about the drug era of the 1960′s. I saw people strung out on heroin, tripped out on LSD and people that were called “potheads”. I never thought much about drugs back then and even until recently my mind was not focused on the deception that is taking place concerning drugs.

All mainstream media focus is being placed on “illegal drugs”, like cocaine and methamphetamines. There are even television shows that regularly show police and drug enforcement officers catching and arresting drug users. However, we need to change our focus and take a good look at prescription drugs.

More and more we are finding that these drugs are not developed as cures, but are made to keep people addicted to them and generate huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry. We are seeing a proliferation of children addicted to mood altering drugs, just as their parents have been for decades. When a child is active and disruptive in school the teachers are taught to immediately label them ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and push pills as a solution. These drugs, although having been found to cause severe depression and suicide, are still being pushed to desperate, ignorant parents. (If you ask me all some of these kids need is a good butt whipping.)

We see that these drugs are being prescribed for people that just need a little better nutrition and exercise. For example, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes seven years ago. I was given a prescription for the “disease”. A month later I attended an off shore conference and found out how I could eliminate diabetes completely. I changed my diet, stopped taking the pills and never tested positive for diabetes again.

Another problem is the fact that so called epidemics and pandemics are being manufactured so that drugs can be developed and given to people without legal ramifications for Big Pharma when people are killed or otherwise maimed by the effects of the drugs.

Please watch the video below and educate your friends and family about the real problem – “legal” prescription drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, take the time to do research on everything you put into your body, especially prescriptions. We survived without all these diseases and pills for centuries and I believe we can get back to the point that we can stay healthy without them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My comments on the recent Chick-Fil-A (gay rights) issue

I posted this on a Facebook thread:  

 I'm afraid that things like this really make me think that the media just fans the flames and provides more ways to distract and divide us....What's really happening in the world they don't want us to pay attention to? 

I  haven't seen or heard any of the news accounts, so I can't comment on what's been said or how it's been twisted.  (We haven't had a TV since 1994 and I pick and choose what news I spend my time, emotions and brain on.)  I really don't care to be stirred up and manipulated by the mainstream media -whether left or right- on the issue. 

If Christians were more Christ-like we'd have more impact on our society on all kinds of people.... I support CFA (and Hobby Lobby) more for being closed on the Lord's Day.  God cares more about that issue (the 4th Commandment)  than the one in the news right now.... really folks....As far as rights, there is no such thing as group rights, only individual rights.  We all need to learn the difference....

 And the media hasn't been unbiased since before my time, at least!   I could write much more on everything I touched on, but time doesn't allow....