Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My comments on the recent Chick-Fil-A (gay rights) issue

I posted this on a Facebook thread:  

 I'm afraid that things like this really make me think that the media just fans the flames and provides more ways to distract and divide us....What's really happening in the world they don't want us to pay attention to? 

I  haven't seen or heard any of the news accounts, so I can't comment on what's been said or how it's been twisted.  (We haven't had a TV since 1994 and I pick and choose what news I spend my time, emotions and brain on.)  I really don't care to be stirred up and manipulated by the mainstream media -whether left or right- on the issue. 

If Christians were more Christ-like we'd have more impact on our society on all kinds of people.... I support CFA (and Hobby Lobby) more for being closed on the Lord's Day.  God cares more about that issue (the 4th Commandment)  than the one in the news right now.... really folks....As far as rights, there is no such thing as group rights, only individual rights.  We all need to learn the difference....

 And the media hasn't been unbiased since before my time, at least!   I could write much more on everything I touched on, but time doesn't allow....


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