Friday, April 30, 2010

Patriot Movement Needs Deputies

Published again! Wow, I don't know why I've received such favor from the local newspaper. This is a taste of what I've been doing locally with the "tea party" I organized in my area for a year now. Well, since before that with the Ron Paul meetup community outreach events. Anyway, the point is that anyone can do this. Just get out there and get busy! If you plan it, they will come. (If they see you on the busiest street corner and/or see the article in the newspaper!)Feel free to comment:

The Greenville Area Patriots thank you for the coverage of our Tax Day event and follow up editorial dated April 18th. I also thank everyone who came out and signed our letter to Governor Perry and the passersby who encouraged us with their enthusiastic honks and waves.

I appreciate the Herald Banner's encouragement to focus our energies on the local level. I have encouraged that as well.The main effort we focused on Thursday, April 15th was to pressure the state to keep the Feds at bay. People are realizing that we have no true representation in DC and the state government must do its duty to protect its residents from the ever increasing unconstitutional Federal actions by using the tools of nullification and interposition.Most people still think that DC is the main culprit, so you will see that as the focus of many people. I hope to help folks see the bigger picture as they get involved.

Excerpts from the "mission statement" I try to make sure everyone receives:

We came out today, now what???? If we don't work for our God-given freedoms now, what will our grandchildren do??? Never let it be said that we did nothing!!!

1. Educate yourself - the Constitution, Bastiat's the Law, monetary system, true history. Books by Judge Andrew Napolitano, Thomas E. Woods. When listening to the news pundits or politicians, ask yourself "who benefits if I believe what they are telling me"? Think outside the box.

2. Stay connected for future events, alerts, etc. SIGN UP!!!

3. Set differences aside - we must WORK together where we can agree. We MUST realize that the battle is BIG government vs. the people, not left vs. right. Don't let them continue to distract and divide us. Work to reform the party with which you are most closely aligned for the benefit of ALL Americans, not for the sake of the party.

4. Tell others! We must step outside our comfort zones and reach people! Carry flyers or business cards around. Send emails, write the editor. Get together for discussions.

5. Put pressure on our legislators and governor. Concentrate on Austin, DC hasn't paid attention.

6. Show up to city council, commissioner's court, school board meetings and insist on transparency. Our presence will let them know we are watching and will hold them accountable!

I cannot attend every meeting, I need "deputies" to attend and report back their findings. Our numbers are growing, people must realize that demonstrating and reading or forwarding emails is a start, but it won't be enough.

I've been asked why I changed the name (from tea party) to Patriots. I think it's more positive sounding. Some of us have been working to restore our republic for many years. We understand our true history, see the big picture AND the need to find common ground and work together.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Debbie McKee
Greenville Area Patriots organizer

Wednesday, April 28, 2010