Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Many of our friends and acquaintances are Huckabee supporters. :-(
Here's a letter to the editor I wrote that was printed in Sunday's paper:

If Only…
…there was a Presidential candidate who:

* was not afraid to speak the truth
* never had any ethics charges or investigations
* never voted to raise taxes
* never took money from special interest groups, lobbyists, etc.
* never sought favor/gifts/monies from any of the above
* returned money to the coffers by running a frugal office
* never voted himself a pay raise
* never flip-flopped on issues - especially during the past year
* never beat around the bush refusing to answer questions during debates
* never took tax-payer’s money for personal use
* never voted for legislation that was unconstitutional
* never promoted his religion
* understands what pro-life really means
* really has our best interest at heart not personal power and greed
* really understands what our founding fathers intended by limiting government and guaranteeing liberties and freedoms for the people
*really understands that government has no business telling us what our choices are for health, nutrition and medical issues
*really understands the effect our foreign policy has on our economy
*really understands the effect our deficit spending has on our economy
*really understands how enslaving socialism and fascism are and how far our country has come from the original intent of our Founding Fathers
* truly has the military and vets behind him because he’s worked for their best interests
If there WERE such a candidate, do you think the powers that be would give him a fair hearing? Or would they ignore him and tell you he couldn’t possibly win? Would they gleefully report that he had dropped out when in fact he has no intention of doing so? Would they hope he will go away and the American people won’t wake up and realize what has happened to our country?
Stop allowing the network news to tell us who will be our next President. Think for yourselves folks!

Debbie McKee
PS. And amazingly there is such a candidate! Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.