Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unsustainable Empire

(I do not know if they will print this letter)

Dear Editor,

I appreciated your column on Sunday July 18th about how the way things are going is unsustainable. I agree with you.

If only folks who supported Bush would look at his record as critically as they look at Obama’s AND VICE VERSA!!!

Until that happens we will never recover, regain or restore our country. What is the saying “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”? Well, we’ve been in a downward spiral of repetition for a good 100 -150 years.

Unfortunately, since the government controls education and the corporations control the media (and our government) the average Jane and Joe will never learn the truth. They are too distracted with their favorite TV shows and the kids’ sports activities. If they do catch the news or their favorite political pundits they are served up pre-approved, pablum from the “Ministry of Truth”. Yes, they have two “flavors” - left and right, something for most everyone.

I keep hoping and praying that more people will wake up and realize what’s going on before we come to total collapse and ruin. But that may be what it takes to finally get people’s attention.

Empires come crashing down eventually. We spend approximately ONE Trillion per year on our military budget. More than ALL other countries combined!!! We have bases/troops/outposts in over 150 countries/territories/regions and over 700 bases on foreign land. We give 7-8 million PER DAY to one wealthy ally in military aid (which of course provides corporate welfare to the US companies that fulfill the contracts.)

Just more ways we are being looted while the Empire is crumbling around us. This is unsustainable.

Don’t let them continue to distract you with the flag while they burn the Constitution. Read the Declaration of Independence for a refresher. It’s the duty of every American to criticize the government. The Federal government is not America. We the People are America.

Debbie McKee

Campbell, TX