Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is it ever moral to desert?

My old friends know that I used to think like they there is really nothing for me to consider when it comes to their view point...what grieves me is that (for the most part – I'm not going to lump all my friends together) they won't stop to examine or consider my point of view.   Maybe I have learned something that they haven't, maybe I can see a bigger picture they can't yet.  Maybe my eyes and heart are open to seeing that the Emperor is wearing no clothes. I'm not taking any credit. I know that only God opens eyes. Indeed it is a grave thing to be burdened by so much knowledge. The grief of knowing - the grief of others not seeing - it's all too much sometimes...

The photo that started it all.

We may never know the entire truth about this particular case (Sgt Bowe Bergdahl). The real issue it whether it's moral/just/right for someone to desert (break a contract) when they discover they have been lied to and are merely pawns/cannon fodder for the multi-national corporate interests/global elite. When they discover their mission is protecting poppy fields or territory for oil pipelines or rich mining resources. Or toppling a leader so a more “favorable one” (to US interests) can be installed.

22 suicides per day according to official records, 800,000 plus vets are homeless, how many can't live with themselves for the atrocities they committed or enable others to? Not to mention the fact that they are guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies! God only knows how many lives and families are ruined as a result.

When did it become “okay” for a “christian nation” and flag waving church goers to champion invasion, death, destruction, plundering, genocide even - all in the name of “patriotism” or rather “nationalism” (expansion/exceptionalism, imperialism)?

Take a look at the history of America from sources beyond the approved government texts. Look at the history from victims' narrative instead of the victor's. When you realize what the Fed Govt of these United States has done over and over again you will never again believe official sources, official news stories coming from the “ministry of truth” and their approved outlets of propaganda – fear mongering, war mongering, fanning the fires of hate, prejudice, distracting, dividing, creating enemies so they can justify and gain support for the latest invasion - annihilation - destruction. It's the same play book they've used for years.

Why do people still believe it? Keep falling for it?

Because if you tell a lie often enough it becomes “truth” - quoting Goebbels. Because if you control the mainstream news outlets and have agents as “journalists” you control what people see, think and “know” - because you can plant disinformation and set up kooks in alternative news outlets to discredit sources outside the mainstream propaganda. When the same corporations who report the news also profit from the perpetual “war on terror” you won't hear the real story. Why would they report something that harms their bottom line? I've read that all mainstream media is controlled by just SIX corporations. You won't get “fair and balanced” from any of them. Just slightly different flavors of left or right and an illusion of any real difference between them!

Because people for the most part are comfortable and don't want their ideas, their beliefs challenged. I know I didn't! It's too much to even consider – that most everything we've been told and learned is fiction or that our tax money pays for CIA covert ops, coups, regime change, assassinations, terror cells, false flags, plundering for the multinational corporations, which ALL result in BLOWBACK. 

The enemies are created for a reason...perpetual war, control of resources, depopulation and billions in profits for military industrial complex, oil companies, those in power, etc. etc.

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