Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What should I do with...

  ...Sweet Potato Leaves? 

How about this:
Sweet Potato Leaves (homegrown)
Swiss Chard (homegrown)
one Scotch Bonnet pepper (homegrown)
Onions (Costco)
Four homemade Polish Sausages

The Scotch Bonnet was SO hot that we added:
one quart of Garbanzo Beans (home canned)
one can of organic diced Tomatoes (Costco)

And we washed it all down with home brewed Kombucha!
  The Scotch Bonnet heat is the kind that is accumulative~ okay at first, but at the end it was almost all you could do to eat it! (Adrienne thought Kombucha did a better job cutting the heat than Orange Juice.)  No salt or pepper or anything else needed.  Very good flavor with just the ingredients listed above....

The bottom line? It was really good...too bad you weren't here!

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