Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Mosque' Debate Is a "Red Herring"...

....All this posturing is getting tiresome. The "mosque" controversy isn't
about property rights or religious freedom. It's a bogus issue seized by
the GOP establishment to distract the rank-and-file from the party's
reluctance to shrink government.....It's all too typical: Feed the rubes conservative... identity politics,
and, with luck, they'll be too distracted to notice you've grafted a
Republican "K Street Project" atop the same old edifice of Big

The establishment Right wants to play the Tea Party movement for suckers. It remains to be seen whether they'll play along."

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by Gene Healy


justin said...

I disagree that the debate is a distraction. It is at the center of an increasingly intollerant form of Christianity that demagogues different beliefs under the guise of tollerance and respect for the lives lost on 9/11.

McKee Family said...

A form of "Christianity" that has been co-opted by the state for furthering it's goals and purposes.

You must admit that there are important issues that are being ignored by the politicians while they distract us with this. Like the economy, debt and the wars.