Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Real Change is Within Reach But Time is Short! - 12.23.09

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Dear Editor,

Many people today look around at the mess we are in and feel it’s all hopeless - don’t think they can possibly make a difference. All the bad news coming out of D.C. is enough to cause even the most optimistic to despair!

Sticking your head in the sand is not an option. Do you really want to look your grandchildren in the eye and tell them why you didn’t fight to restore the republic for them? Because you didn’t care, or you were too scared?

I’m here to encourage you! Don’t give up and don’t give in! When you live in fear, enslaved by the government and feel powerless - then they have already won! They have you right where they want you. Only YOU can take responsibility for yourself and choose to be free, choose to live free and exercise your God given rights.

When you are focused on some boogie man - real or imaginary -whether it’s the opposite party or a leader of a foreign country or people whose religion is different from yours - they win because you are distracted from what those in power are really doing, which is running the global empire using whatever presidential puppet they choose, looting our crumbling empire, and using our boys to fight their self-serving wars.

We must stop focusing on what they would have us focus our attention on and look to REAL solutions that will be effective and give us hope!

1. If you want to see real change, then get involved in the party of your choice - government of, by and for the people starts here at the local level. I don’t mean just sending money or voting for their candidates, I mean running for precinct chair (or other local offices) - that is where the system starts -where the control lies.

If we will quit complaining and worrying and get active we can turn the county around and bring it back to its constitutional foundations. Just replacing the corrupt or career politicians won’t change anything long-term. But, by taking back the precincts, then the parties we CAN take back the nation. The deadline to file is Jan 4th.

2. We don’t need to live in fear of DC and wonder what they will do to us next. This healthcare “reform” disaster isn’t the end of the world as we know it. We must call and send letters and demonstrate, but we must concentrate on OUR Texas public servants.

We hold the power to keep D.C. at bay - it’s called nullification. See what Jefferson and Madison said about it.

TEXAS decides if the Fed government has overstepped its bounds NOT the Supreme Court! We call for a special session and we tell our legislators and governor to stand up and say NO!

Texas is known for leading the way, let’s get busy! Other states are working on this as well. Please feel free to email or call me if you’d like to discuss either of these plans!

For Liberty and Justice for ALL!
Debbie McKee, Campbell

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