Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ft. Hood Killings - letter to editor 11.17.09

They gave it a different title: "Taking guns away doesn’t mean safety"

No matter who did it or why, it wouldn't have happened if they were allowed to excercise their God given rights to bear arms and protect themselves and others. Taking guns away from people doesn't keep anyone safe. Why is it that most shooting sprees happen where people aren't allowed to carry?

I say the Major is responsible for the deed, but the federal government is responsible for the large number who were wounded and killed. If the others had been armed, he wouldn't have killed near so many or maybe none at all.

So, the focus is on the man and his motive (whether acurate or not) and not on the ones who were responsible for the policy that made the massacre possible.

Debbie McKee,

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