Thursday, October 22, 2009

They printed my letter!!! (not my best work, but I HAD to say something in the short time I had!)
Do proper researchTo the editor:
Swine flu? Is the virus something to be concerned about? Or is it the vaccine we should be concerned about?

I suggest that anyone who is convinced they should follow the government and pharmaceutical companies’ program and line up for their doses of who-knows-what, do a little research first.

Please don’t endanger yourself or your family without making an informed decision.

Check out the list of ingredients in the vaccine. Ask yourself why the vaccine makers have total immunity thanks to our federal government? They will not be held responsible for any deaths or damages from the vaccines.

Check out the swine flu scare and hoax of the 1970s. You can search for the 60 Minutes program that covered it.

Check out “Swine Flu Expose” a book by Eleanora I. McBean, PhD. N.D. -1977

August 29, ABC news article “Doctors Question Who's Severe Swine Flu Warning,” doctors inside and outside the government are starting to question overblown warnings.

Check out the real numbers. More people die from the regular seasonal flu. Is the new Swine Flu as dangerous as they are saying it is? Some contend the vaccine is the real danger.

Check out the lawsuits brought against Baxter for vaccines contaminated with live Avian Flu virus (sent to Europe last spring).

Check out how quickly the vaccine was ready, before or after the outbreak? Has the testing begun yet?

Ask who stands to gain from this hysteria? Who will rake in big bucks? Whose health will be compromised? (The weakest of us).

Ask why all the hysteria? Why all the propaganda? Why tell us it’s so dangerous and deadly when only a handful have actually died from it? More people die from TB each year. Why tell us the vaccine will be mandatory, and we have no right to self-quarantine?

Do we live in the United States of America, or do we live in the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany? Ask local officials if they will carry out orders to force vaccination or incarcerate those who refuse to be vaccinated?

Find the answers to these questions and tell everyone you know what your research uncovers.

Life (health), Liberty (health care choice) and Property (I own my body),
Debbie McKee

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