Thursday, May 26, 2011

FEDS Bully Texas, Senate Backs Down

David Simpson for Texas State Representative District 7:
"Lt. Gov. Dewhurst allowed Senator Patrick to bring up HB 1937, but there were not 2/3rd of the members present to do it even after several amendments were considered. The Texas Sam Houston fought for and governed apparently is learning submission."

My comment - NOT EVEN PRESENT?!?!?!?! we need names!!!!!
One of a few good posts at The Lone Star Report. Includes the letter from the DOJ. (click here)

Representative Simpson's website, you can sign up for email updates.(click here)

They adjourned around 11 pm. I thought they could go until midnight?????

Bills killed by the clock at the State Capitol

Just like most of the Congressmen in DC, the majority of the members of the Texas Senate are a shame to our American ideals and the Founding Fathers who gave so much for us. What will it take to get more people involved and fighting this Federal AND State Tyranny???

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